I’m a girl born and raised in Pembroke Pines, FL – a small but growing city around the Miami area. Since a child I’ve always been inspired and passionate by fashion. Anything from the clothes being worn, to hairstyles and makeup, nail polish and lotions and perfumes… I can go on and on. So I guess the safest thing to say is I’m a GIRLY GIRL, basically the epitome of the term.


It may all seem superficial, but I do not want my true purpose of this blog to be misunderstood – fashion is an art to me. What I what to accomplish with this page – aside from expressing myself – is just a website for all the other fashion fanatics out there to join me in our passion, keep you all up to date, and highlight what I personally like and admire most about whatever is going on in the fashion industry.


But aside from how you look and present yourself, the most important quality in a person is what they carry within themselves. Don’t ever forget that.

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