“Ghost” from the cast of Power | Celebrity Spotlight

This past weekend my boyfriend and I started watching Power for the first time (yes, I know, we’re late lol) and one thing I noticed by the second episode is how nice Ghost dresses! I swear, every single suit I saw him in was dope. Hence, the topic for todays Manly Monday. 🙂

I thought I’d find 6 looks I love, and help you find a matching piece – in case you want help finding some fresh mens clothes. 😉

Ghost 6

This checkered shirt is a great contrast to an otherwise all black suit. Here’s a similar one but in blue – pair it with a navy blue suit and tie and you’ve re created this look with a twist!
GUESS Layne Slim Fit Plaid Shirt  



Not that you’d EVER use a topcoat like this in Florida, but for all of you who may, this is an extremely versatile piece – keeping you looking sharp and not compromising the “neatness” of your look.. seems very “older guy” to me but still, looks hot on Ghost lol
Nordstrom LeClair Wool & Cashmere Topcoat



I love everything about this – the blues and greys. The pants, I feel like, are what makes this whole look super fresh and styled up.
Bonobos ‘Weekday Warriors’ Non Iron Slim Fit Cotton Chinos




I’m usually not a fan of turtle necks on men, but in a suit like this I really do love (in the winter time only though, otherwise, you’ll be having a heat stroke soon LOL) This one I found must feel soooo good because its 100% cashmere too 😉
Helmut Lang Cashmere Blend



Now lets talk about ties – LOVE THIS ONE! Doesn’t clash with the striped vest, and its a really cool print!
Check out this Dolce & Gabbana print that looks super cool!
Heraldic Sicilia Tie



Lord JEEEZZZUS I don’t even think James Bond looks this hot pointing a gun while wearing a bow tie. H O T !


Ahhh okay okay I really don’t know which is hotter LOL
Let me know who you’d say – Ghost or Bond ?!

Till tomorrow, xx

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