Summer 2017: Stripes | Trendy Tuesdays

I remember last year when I was studying different runway shows for this years summer season, it was full of prints. Stripes, florals, shapes, animal prints, with loud bold colors…

Florals really have dominated (and I will more than likely make a post on that too but cus I obsess over floral prints), but can we talk about stripes? Because I’ve found a new love in stripes that I never had before, LOL!

Not that stripes ever left mainstream fashion, but its come out bolder than ever. No shame is an all-striped outfit, lets be real. And it can give a very sharp sophisticated look even when paired with casual denim pieces.

See below some striped pieces that can compliment anyones closet, in my sense of “affordable” price ranges. Let me know if I inspired you to purchase any or comment a picture of you in a striped outfit 🙂

Portrait Collar Stripe Blouse currently on sale for $38.90

Contemporary Striped Pants currently on sale for $22.90

Clean Lines Playsuit $42.90

Tie-front T-shirt $12.99


Body in Stripe with Long Sleeve $29



Hope you enjoyed this post 🙂
Till next time, XOXO!


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