Male Celebrity Fashion Lines

Its interesting to me to see what a mans take is on fashion. So I dug into 3 celebrity male fashion lines to get to know a little more of the people we see often from Hollywood.


We all know who Jay Z is amiright? He founded this line back in 1999 and its still very much alive. He goes for a real laid back look — baggy untucked looks, AKA casual to the maxxxxx. Price averages from $50 to $75.


Billionaire Boys Club

Pharrell, rapper & producer also turned designer in 2005 when he came out with this line. Unlike Jay Zs type of casual vibe, Pharrell went towards something more “luxury” like, reminding me of the more casual line of Ralph Lauren, Polo Assn. Lets just say he was also named Esquires Best Dressed Man the year the line came out. Prices averages between $50 and $330.



JK Livin

Not only do I love his movies, I really love his fashion line. The name came from the film Dazed and Confused, “Just Keep Livin”. Prices range from $25 to $55, something I call really affordable.

You can kinda see each celebritys touch in their own lines, and I find it so inspiring to see how many different sides of fashion is perceived be every individual person. LOVE IT!

Let me know who your favorite male celebrity fashion designer is!
Till next time loves, MWAH!

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