YES, I am alive

I’m horrible, and I hope if you’re getting a notification about this post you’re more like “omg shes back?” instead of “who is she again?”. Either way, please forgive me.


My life has taken crazy twists and turns since I stopped blogging (not that its an excuse to abandon my dreams). Let me be honest, I felt like I needed to get my life and mind together before I invested time and energy in hobbies like this one.

Luckily, I’m at a point in life where I am comfortable, safe, happy, and ready to dive in completely into steering my life towards where I want to be – which is a full time blogger. Now thats not happening anytime soon, but all I have is time. I have patience because deep down inside, I know this is my calling and that my devotion will not go in vain.

Therefore, I’m happy to announce the re-launch of my blog! I’ve redesigned it, re focused myself, and will officially start my posting schedule August 1st!

Mondays: Manly Mondays – catered to men specifically.
Tuesdays: Trendy Tuesdays – focusing on a current trend in the season.
Thursdays: Runway Thursdays – bringing runway shows straight to you.
Fridays: Fashion History Fridays – to educate you on the roots of the fashion & beauty world.

I’ll more than likely also post other posts that are not part of the schedule (like a personal style blog post or overview of fashion looks that happen on a red carpet event), so look out for those extras 😉

If you’re still subscribed to me, thank you so much for not unsubscribing. I PROMISE YOU – BIBLE: I will not let you down & will prioritize my audience moving forward.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope you have wonderful and safe Friday night *kisses*


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