Celebrity Spotlight: Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is young, however she’s been recognized several times for her good sense of style. Being a Disney chanel star she’s had to put more effort into proving her maturity, and I personally she’s done this transition very well (fashion wise) because for example, Christina Aguilera definitely went to extremes when it came to that! Lol




Selena Gomez

Age: 22 (as of Sep 2014)
Height: 5’5
Born: Grand Prairie, Texas
Favorite Brands: America Eagle, Beverly Hills, Brian Atwood, Casadei, Christian Louboutin, Free People, Jimmy Choo, Loui Vuitton, Urban Outfitters, Versace


I relate a lot to Selenas style. Some days shes very classy and elegant, the next day shes extremely boho. Love how her laid back looks still look so well put together, and when she dresses up she does it with perfection. Never have I questioned her ability to dress, and I look forward to see her continue to evolve!



PLEASE let me know what celebritys you’d like me to spotlight next! 🙂


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