Celebrity Spotlight: David Beckham

Today we’re switching it up a bit to cater to the men! David Beckham is a fashion icon for his casual and elegant style, or maybe its just his natural good looks right? Lol its a bit harder finding the actual designers that celebrity men wear, so I apologize for the looks I couldnt find the actual designer brand for! But  anyways check him ouuuuut!




David Beckham
Professional Soccer Player

Age: 39
Height: 6’0
Born: Leytonstone, London
Favorite Brands: Givenchy, Ralph Lauren Black Label, and Saint Laurent


Aside from his perfect body, Beckham really does know how to dress. He hasnt always been good looking, but hes the perfect example of how that ugly nerd in highschool that you rejected may turn out to be a hot rich athelte!
He’s always looking sharp and his attitude just increases his “swag” by a million points. Check out these awesome looks he’s rocked in the past and guys.. take notes! (Click the pictures to open the gallery)



PLEASE let me know what celebritys you’d like me to spotlight 🙂


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