Fashion History Friday: Elie Saab

Because I don’t know much about this designer, but I’ve seen his shows lately and I think they’re very very nice. Lets learn some more!



Elie Saab
July 4, 1964 – Still Alive!
Born in Beirute, Lebanon

Eldest of 5 and child to Catholic parents, Elie was born and raised in a southern coastal Beirut suburb. He self taught himself how to sew since he was a child.

At only age 18, Saab launched his own fashion label with 15 other employees.  At first his expertise was in bridal gowns. His unique designs made him stand out – lots of lace, embroidery patterns, pearls & crystals.

In 1997, Saab showed his frist collection outside of Lebanon in Rome. The following year he started his Ready-to-Wear collection in Milan which was followed two years laters by having Queen Rania of Jordan wear an Elie Saab dress for her enthornment (who that is? I have no clue lol but obviously someone important).

Elie’s success in America exploded in 2002, when he styled his first American celebrity: Halle Berry.

Berry later wore another dress by Saab to the 2003 Oscars.


One of dresses even sold of 2.4 million!!!

Now personally, I have seen Saab’s wedding dress designs and they really are exquisite! I am definitely a ES fan now and will continue to always look out for his shows!

In current news, take a look at my favorite looks from this seasons Elie Saab shows:

Autumn/Winter 2014: Couture


Autumn/Winter 2014: Pre Ready-to-Wear


Autumn/Winter 2014: Ready-to-Wear


Take a look at some Elie Saab looks worn by celebrities! Click on the picture to open the gallery so you can see the full picture and which celebrity wore it 🙂

Shop ES:


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